Are nicotine gum or nicotine pouches addictive?

Quite often when talking about nicotine pouches replacement therapy , the question comes up – or even a direct claim that when you switch from smoking or snuffing to nicotine replacement therapy, a new addiction to the replacement therapy product is created instead of the former addiction. This is, of course, a completely absurd claim, and it is often used as an excuse not to stop smoking or using snuff.

The first thing to remember is that nicotine addiction is already created when smoking or using snuff. Therefore, no new addiction is created when switching to replacement therapy products. The nicotine content of replacement therapy products is always significantly lower than in tobacco or snuff, so the amount of nicotine in the body will also decrease. Of course, it is possible that, for example, using nicotine gum becomes a new habit instead of smoking, but it does not cause any new addiction.

Harm reduction

Although it is possible that those who quit smoking with nicotine gum continue to use nicotine gum for years, it is of the utmost importance to remember that using replacement therapy products is not nearly as harmful as smoking. For example, nicotine itself is not a cancer-causing substance, while the links between smoking and cancer are known to everyone. Several health organizations recommend nicotine replacement therapy instead of smoking or snuffing.

Smoking causes about 5,000 deaths in Finland every year, and smoking is of course a risk factor for countless diseases. According to estimates, as many as 90% of lung cancer cases occurring in Finland are caused by smoking, and as a whole, about one in three cancer deaths is caused by smoking. The long-lived nickname “cancer roll” for tobacco is therefore a really apt expression, and every smoker should think about whether tobacco could be replaced with a less harmful nicotine product.

Snuff has been considered a healthier alternative to tobacco, but in fact, even traditional snuff containing tobacco causes a really large number of health problems. Nearly thirty cancer-causing substances have been found in snuff, and its effects on oral health, which is really important for general health alone, are downright brutal. The nicotine concentrations in snuff are also really high, for example Odens snuff, which is popular in Finland , contains 22 milligrams of nicotine per gram. Today, especially for snuff users, there are such good and effective, less harmful and even completely legal alternatives that it is easier than ever to get rid of snuff.

Nicotine snuff as a replacement therapy product

The popularity of nicotine snuff as a replacement therapy product has risen like a tidal wave. Nicotine snuff is currently already the most popular way to stop smoking and using snuff in Finland. The only nicotine snuff that can be classified as a nicotine replacement therapy product is Zonnic, available from kiosks and stores in Finland, because it has a medical license. After the change in Fimea’s interpretation that took place on April 4, 2023, nicotine pouches from online stores are classified as tobacco substitutes.

Snuff users in particular have been absolutely delighted with this innovation, because such an alternative to snuff has never been available before. A snuff-like bag with a good mouth feel and drilling, but without the dozens of harmful substances of snuff, legally delivered to your door, it naturally sounds like a good option!

Nicotine snuff can be ordered online completely legally in Finland, as long as you make sure that you use the reliable online store, where you can only order nicotine pouches that are completely legal in Finland and comply with customs instructions.